For inviting environments

Paint Coating

Painting is more than just putting color on walls. It’s the art of creating a space in your shop, office, or lobby that is inviting to all. At Todd Robinson Painting, we’re all about transforming something ordinary into something amazing, and that can begin with a simple paint coating job. Our painting solutions will bring a high level of artistry to your space, ensuring that your establishment will look its best. From schools to office buildings, our painting skills and services know no limits.
Hallway after paint coating

Tough and artistic

Light Industrial Coatings

Industry and artistry are two things that normally don’t go together, but Todd Robinson Painting has made it work! Our light industrial coatings provide an industrial-level strength with an artistic touch, providing your equipment with a resistant but good-looking coating. Our coatings can resist wear, chemicals, and corrosion, meaning that you can continue to do heavy work without needing to worry about the look or quality of your equipment over time.
Painting the surface of a sheet of Galvanized Iron or GI corrugated metal with rust inhibiting red oxide primer.

Revealing raw beauty


Sandblasting is the process of unveiling a surface’s true potential. By blasting away rust, grime, paint, dirt, and other blemishes, you’ll be able to see what a surface originally looked like and how it can be improved to suit your needs. Our sandblasting services will be a step in the right direction for your establishment to look better.
Man in orange sandblasting concrete surface with air pressure hose